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Having Lauren as my doula during Chloè's birth truly made this experience one to remember forever. I could not have labored for 50+ hours without her supporting and pushing me to remember my birth goals. She provided pain management techniques and knew just what to say at the right time.



Even the doula needs a doula! And I had the best! Lauren you were amazing. Exactly the support we needed. You were such a great example of how a doula does NOT take the place or get in the way of a spouse/partner but how you create a space for partners to be exactly what mama needs at any given moment without lack in any other area. You guys had me on all sides, LITERALLY!!! We were so blessed by you. Thank you so much for being a part of our team. Check her out if you are entertaining the idea….and you should.



Lauren was so patient, kind, & knowledgeable! as a young black mom it was so important for me to not only have someone to advocate for me but to have someone also educate me! I interviewed with 3 doulas and out of all 3 we instantly clicked and I knew she was the doula for me!  Throughout my whole pregnancy she was there for anything big or small! It’s her dedication & passion to her mamas that stands out! During my labor experience she kept me calm, made me laugh and made sure I was comfortable! Her support was everything I didn’t know I needed! 

IMG_4032_Facetune_17-11-2021-11-26-52 2.HEIC


Lauren's presence and warmth made my birth, which was a hard birth, comfortable, easy, and safe. I felt heard, understood, and confident with her by my side. She was very professional, kind, and understanding to everyone.  She was an absolutely amazing Doula!



Finding out I was pregnant And knowing that I would have to give birth without my mom being my support person was a struggle for me. I felt like I needed my mom there because I knew she would not let anything happen to me or the baby but covid messed that up. But Lauren was there for me every step of the way. When I say she did more than my doctors did my entire pregnancy I truly mean that. I was so happy to have someone in the room other than my honey that was there to support me. We truly appreciate you Lauren. 



The moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child I immediately started to panic. I didn't know what to expect. The fear and apprehension was intense! I was immediately referred to Lauren from a colleague of mine that used her as her doula. Connecting with Lauren was stress reliever I needed in that moment. She was patient, nurturing and provided me with the guidance and encouragement I needed to be able to endure the natural childbirthing experience I wanted.  The 24 hours she spent with us in the delivery room was incredible. I can now look back on delivering my daughter with an experience I will cherish forever. 

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I didn’t become concerned with having a doula until about halfway through my pregnancy. When I approached my partner Josh about having a doula present at the birth of our son he was apprehensive. After some convincing, he was open to the idea, and that’s when I searched around and found Lauren. After our initial consultation, I left the conversation with the feeling that I needed her at my sons birth. There was something in my heart that knew Lauren’s presence and knowledge would play a huge role in bringing my baby earth-side and I couldn’t have been more right. She went above and beyond for our little family before, during, and after the arrival of our son. Her knowledge, warmth, and guidance was unforgettable. Even when I decided to change my birth plan during labor, Lauren was able to help me advocate for myself and my baby. At the end of our labor and after Lauren had left, my partner Josh looked at me and said, ‘Lauren is an angel’. Because of Lauren, I look back on the birth of my son and it was everything I wanted. Peaceful, joyful and full of love. I cannot thank her enough.



From the moment I met Lauren, I knew I had to have her on our birth team. She was so knowledgeable and confident in her answers and I could feel her genuineness while we had our meet and greet session. I felt like her price was very affordable for my family and in the end was worth every dollar of the investment. Lauren was there for us every step of the way with any questions we had, creating a birth plan, practicing relaxation techniques and helped create that comfortable space for us about the anxiety of birth. The moment I went into labor I called Lauren and within 2 hours she was at our hospital that was in the total opposite direction from her area and got there as quickly as possible. I felt so relieved when I saw her and she got right to work with guiding me through each contraction reminding me to focus on my breath and told me "I gotta get you moving" in my mind I'm like I do not want to move but I know she was right so we got to it. Lauren was so supportive of all our decisions and provided any education that we requested. I was so glad that not only did we get a doula but that chose Lauren. We would've literally been lost without her. She educated us so well on our rights and what choices we had in our birth which was extremely important. I'd recommend Lauren to anyone who wants to have top tier support and professionalism for their birth!

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